Friday, 25 September 2009

What a week last week turned out to be.

Had good intentions honest!! Did the long route Monday and Tuesday I set out early enough to check out a longer route, somewhere in the region of 15 miles. Just before Solihull my chain came off, which although unusual, is easy enough to fix. However, when I fixed it I noticed something odd about the pedal, so from that moment I took the direct route to work so as not to risk being stuck in the middle of nowhere (as usual I had no money and my wallet was at home). After work I went the quick route home as it takes me past a local bike shop (Hawk Cycles) where the staff are extremely friendly and helpful.. Turns out it was a problem with the bottom bracket (I think that's what it's called anyway), and although they may have been able to fix it, I would have to leave the bike with them, there was no guarantee of success (the bike is probably over 10 years old), and at £25 per hour labour + parts, it made no financial sense as I only paid £20 for the bike anyway. I decided to take my chances so jumped on the bike and pedalled gingerly home.

Once home I had a bash at some DIY repairs but the bottom bracket was still quite loose, however, it was slightly better. That would have to do. For now at least.

So I'm a week before payday with a knackered bike, what to do? First thing I did was post a message on Facebook asking if anyone had a bike they wanted to give/lend/sell to me. Worth a shot I thought. Next I trawled Gumtree and Preloved to see if anyone was selling a suitable bike for a suitable price, but no joy. Then I posted a wanted ad on Birmingham Freecycle (surely the most appropriate site to get a free bicycle?). Then, back to Facebook and someone had kindly offered to lend me their bike, so arrangements were made the next day to collect it from his house - Nice one Chris. In the meantime I continued to use my old bike, but rather than push my luck too much, it was the quick route to and from work the final 3 days of the week. So, I'm guessing I managed 30 miles last week, not quite what I had in mind.

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