Sunday, 13 September 2009

Todays weigh in

I've decided to keep a track of my weight too, lets face it, a weekly blog just saying how many miles I've done is going to be pretty dull!! I have a spare tyre I could do with losing (that's a metaphor for my gut by the way, it's nothing to do with my bike), and you would think that, given the extra miles I'm going to be doing, my weight will drop. Trouble is, the extra miles I did last week just made me hungrier than normal, and those that know me well will vouch that I eat a fair bit anyway.

So, this morning the scales said 13' 11.6". I'm off to get dinner ready now (a proper Sunday roast) and do some baking (chocolate courgette cake), see, that's why I'm not over confident about this weight loss malarkey.

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