Thursday, 10 September 2009

Route Change

Now I realise this is going to look like I'm moving the goalposts already, but honestly I don't have much choice. We (as in my employer) no longer have staff based out of the Cardiff premises, so it seems pointless to still ride there when I am likely to be greeted by a chorus of "Who Are Ya, Who Are Ya!!". :-)

So, to minimise the effect on the mileage, I've decided that after Cheadle I will ride through Birmingham direct to Amersham, and then loop back on myself to our Birmingham office. I estimate I'll do about 40 miles less than my original plan, so I should still be on course for over 600 miles. Plus I get to finish at my own office rather than an office where no-one knows me, my wife and kids can be there too, so I get to feel like some kind of a hero (well my kids will probably think I am, all I have to do is catch a spider at home and they think I'm great, hopefully they'll always be so easily impressed!), and I can ditch the bike there and get a lift home.

Hopefully the generous souls who have already sponsored me will not be contacting Trading Standards or suing me for breach of contract, otherwise I'll have to think of a way of getting the miles back up to 650. I could always detour through the Lake District and do a big hill climb if they insist, just hope they don't read this, lol.

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