Thursday, 3 September 2009

No turning back!!

Well I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while now. Originally it was going to be London - Paris using one of the many organisations who arrange such things. However, almost half of the £1200 minimum sponsorship would have gone on things like food, accomodation, ferry to France & Eurostar back to London. So I thought again.

A bit later, in a charity meeting at work (BHF being my employers chosen charity this year), it was mentioned we had 6 offices and a little lightbulb went on in my head - I could do an office to office tour. Now where were these offices? Obviously I knew about Birmingham, because that's where I work, and I knew about Bury, because I deal with Bury every day. Then I learnt of Cheadle and Amersham. All good so far, nice distances between each office, but where were the last 2? Stirling and Cardiff I later found out. Great!! I can hardly do a tour of the offices and miss 2 out because they are too far away can I? Well I could, but it would seem like a cop out.

The plan is to get the train to Stirling and utilise SYMCA and YMCA hostels for my overnight stays during the trip. My to do list includes emails to the relevant parties asking (nicely) for reduced fares/rates, but even if they don't agree, I know that this trip will work out cheaper, and therfore more money for the charities. It's also over 100 miles further than the London-Paris trip.

I'm thinking mid/late April 2010. The worst of the weather should be over (famous last words!!), and I'll be done by May. May's a busy time down the allotment, got to make sure I get my spuds in. And that gives me a good few months to get some training in. I've been cycling to work for nearly 2 years, between 3 and 9 miles each way depending on which route I take, but I will need to get serious if I want to be able to do 80-100 miles a day for over a week.

Anyway, my Just Giving pages are set up, this blog is up and running and now everyone knows, so there's no turning back!!

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