Sunday, 20 September 2009

Must try harder...

Fewer miles last week compared to the week before, and it all started so well. Added an extra loop onto my long route to work, which I thought would push it to about 12 miles at least. Found a website with a route planner and tracked the route and it came out at just over 10 miles, which means all my previous mileages have been based on erroneous information. I used to have a cycle computer thing that I used to record distances and times travelled, I'm now thinking I calibrated it wrong when I initially set it up. I can't find all the parts for it now, it was originally set up on my old bike, but I never swapped it over when I bought a replacement bike a couple of months ago.

Still, before I started planning to do the bike ride next year I rarely did the long route to work more than once a week, if that, and I'm now doing it pretty much every day, plus I extend it sometimes too, so I am building up the distances.

I had hoped to get a decent ride in this weekend but never got round to it, the plan is to ride to Hatton country park and back, we were there with the kids a couple of weeks ago and I checked the mileages on the way back and it's just over 15 miles, so that will be a nice 30 mile trip when I have a couple of hours spare - maybe next weekend.

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