Friday, 23 October 2009


If anyone reads this and is on Facebook, please join the group I've recently set up, it's completely free and everyone is welcome!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Training Update

After a week of about 70 miles commuting in all, yesterday I set my alarm for 6am and was out on the road by 6.30. I tackled the Hatton route again, and the first 2 miles felt really tough, I was doubting whether or not it was such a good idea as my legs felt tired, but wasn't going to give up that early. Glad I kept going because once I warmed up I felt really good. Once through Knowle it was unlit country lanes, and the roads were really quiet, which was good, because although I have lights on the bike, I was worried about being wiped out by some idiot on 4 wheels, especialy as I forgot to put some credit on my phone.

Anyway, did the entire route, and concentrated on what the experts call cadence (been referencing a few different internet sites), in other words keeping my legs turning at a regular speed, so when I go uphill I drop down the gears rather than getting out of the saddle. Apart from one or two climbs I think it went OK, although there is one hill around the 22 mile mark which is a real toughie. If it were earlier it wouldn't be so bad, and it's not a long climb, but it is the steepest climb on that route, and I had to get out of the saddle for that.

Today my legs feel ok, although that might not be the case when I get back on the bike in the morning, I'm getting more pain from my left knee (which is odd, as my right knee hurt after I first did this route), and my tennis elbow. I may have to go back to the Doctors about that, he did say it might need an injection in it, although a couple of people have told me it's really painful, plus it's not guaranteed to fix it, so I may just leave it.

One final thing, no weigh in this morning, I was out with the wife last night, got pretty drunk, and have felt dreadful all day, and I'm sure that all that Guinness will weigh quite a lot, so I chickened out!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

How heavy?!

So after a week where I did more miles than I ever have before, I now weigh 14 stone. That's 6lbs I've put on this week. How did that happen? Maybe I should have spent less time picking at colleagues birthday buffets, and avoiding the biscuit barrell at home, but I'm a slave to my sweet tooth.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Finally, some proper training done.

Only 4 commutes this week as I booked holiday for Friday & Monday, but 5 of the 8 journeys were 10 miles, and the rest were 4 miles, so over 60 miles isn't too bad. Then Friday I headed out to Hatton, which is just outside of Warwick. Once there I headed to Hockley Heath, then I picked up the Stratford Road which eventually bought me home. It was pretty tough at times, but it is a great route and one I will definitely be doing again. I saw quite a few fellow cyclists although most of them overtaking me!! A fair bit of uphill work too, not quite King of the Mountain stuff to be honest, but some long steady climbs, and being on unfamiliar country roads, I often reached what I thought was the top, only for the road to bend and another climb reveal itself.

I loved cycling through the coutryside though, it meant I could sing along with the songs on my mp3 player safe in the knowledge that, apart from the sheep, no-one could hear me. Having said that, my singing is so bad there may be a few traumatised sheep out there somewhere.

Mileage for the trip is in the region of 30 miles, I know it's just over 15 miles from home to Hatton, so it could be more but what's more important is that I have finally made a start on building up towards some serious miles, and that is the longest bike ride I have ever done in my life. My legs are feeling it today, and so are my wrists, and it didn't really do my Tennis Elbow much good either. Apart from that, and a saddle sore bum, I feel good!!