Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Has it really been 2 weeks since my last post?

I knew I'd neglected the old blog but didn't realise it was a full 2 weeks since I last posted - I have been very distracted with a number of different "issues" so haven't had the time, or, to be honest, the motivation to sit here and share my woes.

Bike rides have been very minimal and gym visits nigh on non-existant - However, on a positive note I have been eating well and weighing myself every Sunday morning and can announce the following results.

10th Jan - First weigh in - 14 stone 7.8lbs
17th Jan - 2nd weigh in - 14 stone 5.2lbs **2.6lbs LOST**
24th Jan - 3rd weigh in - 14 stone 3.2lbs **2lbs LOST**

So, although my rides have petered out somewhat, at least when I get back on the bike I'll be lighter than before. I know it's not even 5 pounds, but I really need to look on the bright side right now!!


  1. All together now..."Always look on the bright side of life...de dum, de dum, de de de de de de dum" Etc.

    Well done in trying circumstances mate, it's good if you've been off the bike and lost weight. It'll fly off when you're back pedalling.

  2. Cheers Clive, I caught up with your blog yesterday, you've had an eventful week or 2, well done on your achievements.

  3. At least your weight is going down. I think 5lb is quite a lot too loose.

    I've put on well over a stone since Christmas with stuffing my face and not riding; so I shouldn't really be allowed to even post on dieting threads!.

  4. You're doing well with the weight loss goals! The healthier diet is paying off.

    Also, I'm no psychologist, but I think that setting positive goals and working toward them help to take our minds off of "woes".