Monday, 11 January 2010

Another week, another workout.

Roads still too risky to chance anything other than the direct 3.5 mile route to work, plus I'm on the early shift this week - 8am - 4pm, hardly the earliest of shifts, but earlier than the usual 9-5 so technically it is the early shift, OK? :-), but that means darkness on the way, so no point taking any unnecessary risks, especially as I have access to the gym.

Popped in for 15 minutes this morning, and managed a 1 mile run on the treadmill in 10 minutes (1.83 km actually, but I'm not going to brag about that extra 0.13 of a mile), then popped in again after work and did another 3 circuits on the weights, but slightly modified the routine again.

First circuit, weights on level 5, 20 reps.
variety of Ab excercises & flexibility excercises
1 mile on the bike, level 14, minimum 100 RPM

Second set as above, but weights dropped to level 4 and 30 reps.

Third and final set the weights were dropped to level 3 and I did 50 reps, no bike this time - apart from the 3.5 mile ride home of course, which I managed to do at a pretty high RPM again, which surprised me.

I'm organized this evening, so in the morning I can make a quick getaway, and hopefully have a minimum 30 minutes on the excercise bike tomorrow morning, and again after work. That's the plan anyway.

Oh, failed in my first ever ebay bid yesterday, I was after a cheap mountain bike to see me through the bad weather, but was gazumped at the last second. Will keep looking.

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