Tuesday, 12 January 2010

As Hannibal Smith would say....

"I love it when a plan comes together"

As I mentioned yesterday the plan was to get in early enough to do a session in the gym before work, and then again after, and that's just what I did.

Both times I did a half hour on the excercise bike, just on level 7 (not sure what level it goes up to, but a lot higher than 7 I'm sure), but again keeping the RPM above the 100 mark.

AM - 9.9 miles giving a speed of 19.9 mph

PM - 10.5 miles giving a speed of 21.18 mph

Throw in the 3.5 miles each way commute, and that gives a daily total of 27.4 miles. Plus about 40 pages of my book, so excercising the brain too!! Pleased to report I have resisted all chocolates and biscuits today again (I did have some chocs yesterday, but I was restrained by my standards). Someone brought some ginger nuts in today, the one biscuit I don't like, so they were easy to leave alone, but the Celebrations are still open so there was an element of discipline involved.

Who's Hannibal Smith did I hear you ask?

That was a clip from The A Team by the way :-)


  1. All these resistance levels are pretty meaningless to me. I tend to just go on wattage now.
    200watts = easy spin
    300watts = trying hard
    400watts = murdering myself.

  2. To be honest they mean very little to me either, it's just a useful way of me keeping track of my progress - the same with the weights as well, once I'm comfortable on a certain level/number of reps I'll up it a level.

  3. The A-team. Now there's a blast from the past. At least you didn't reference Mr. T!

    Good job on the anti-sweets. Dare I attempt no chocolate?

  4. Maybe you should paint your bike black and have a red stripe down the side in an A Team reference :)