Monday, 4 January 2010

Back to work (in more ways than one)

So, after 10 days at home, today things went back to normal, up in the darkness, sorting out my lunch, then on the bike to work.

After taking inspiration from fellow bloggers I'm glad to say that I did the 11 mile route there. It wasn't easy, especially after having to scrape frost from my saddle, but once I got going I soon warmed up (apart from my toes, they just got progressively colder until I thought they were frost bitten). The uphills felt harder than I remember, but, having said that, in little more than a minute I feel ok again and am ready for the next one, well, sort of :-)

Now for the amazing part - whilst at work I had no sweets, chocolates, cake or biscuits, and there are still loads left over from xmas. My sweet tooth really is my downfall when it comes to my weight, so I was really pleased with this.

Then, after work I hit the gym. Only about 45 minutes but I did 3 circuits on the weight machines, plus 3 abdominal workouts together with some excercises to increase my flexibility. My back has been feeling quite stiff lately, but I have basically been sat on my backside eating and drinking for 10 days so that should not surprise me should it?

After that I just did 4 miles home, but all in all not a bad first day back at work. Plus, it's 6 months today since I gave up smoking. And 4 days until I get my new bike.


  1. Stumbled across your blog from John's blog. Sounds a great ride coming up, like the look of the new bike. Very good luck to you!


  2. Thanks Matt,

    pretty impressive site you have too, I'll add that to my list of blogs to keep track of. Thanks for the comments