Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back on the scales.....

As mentioned in previous posts, it's time to do something about my weight. Ideally I should be 12 - 12.5 stones, but over the last few months it's slowly crept up again. So I got on the scales this morning for my first official weigh in of 2010 and I was 14 stone 7.8 pounds (203.8 pounds or 92.44kg). So I want/need to lose 2 stones, and I want it off by my birthday which is 4th April. That's 12 weeks to lose 28 pounds, so less than 3 pounds a week. Totally achievable - I've done it before. 2008 I was pretty much the same weight as I am now and got down to 12.5 stone in a similar time. And I didn't officially diet as such, I just cut out most of the crap I love to eat, especially the sweets and biscuits, and ate more fruit and veg instead. Plus I did 30 minutes in the gym everyday before work and I started that regime again last week, throw in the extra miles I have to do on the bike, and I'm confident about this. Hopefully I won't regret putting this in black and white.


  1. I was thinking about the gym/swimming but having seen just how packed they are at the moment i've no intention of going just yet. I think I will just wait until everyone else has broken their new-years resolutions and stopped going.

  2. I have been finding using Rollers quite good so far this year.....much better than a turbo trainer as you have to cycle smoothly at a reasonable cadence or you fall off! :-)

    Working out on a Turbo/Rollers would help keep/start the legs spinning and will definitely help you when the roads clear up...

    I say again .....DON'T use the new bike until the salt is off the road....You would be much better placed to get used to it indoors...

    Road bikes don't like the winter! brake blocks dissolve, chains wear out and gear change becomes grumpy, they are generally higher tolerance than mountain bikes and don't suffer the grime as well! - That's why we all have grotty bikes for the winter :-)

    Good luck :-) Loosing weight this time of the year is kin hard work! I don't expect to start loosing masses of weight again until the weather warms up....That is unless I carry on on the rollers like I have for the past week of course!

  3. Totally achievable Lee. Just make sure you keep to a pedalling routine when your targets are hit otherwise all the hard work has been for nowt. I know...

  4. Good luck! I think there's a lot to be said for "cutting out the crap" when it comes to losing extra weight.

  5. Red Bike - I'm lucky to have the gym at work, plus, Birmingham Council now give free gym membership too, just applied the other day, free swimming too I think. Trouble with swimming I have to take the kids and I don't actually get to swim.

    John - No funds for rollers right now, I'll make do with the excercise bike at the gym, plus my daily commutes. Before you know it I'll be able to take the new bike out of the shed and there will be no stopping me (hopefully!)

    Clive - The most annoying thing is I've done it already, then went and piled it all back on - in my defence I did tear a stomach muscle then suffer a bout of tennis elbow, but still, no excuses really.

    Abby - Thanks, that is my biggest problem. I love food and eat lots, normally healthy stuff too, but my sweet tooth gets me into trouble :-)