Sunday, 4 April 2010

Another year older.

But probably no wiser!!

Had to wait until the kids had finished the easter egg hunt before I got to my pressies, the sacrifices we have to make as parents eh!?! Eventually I got a new water bottle and holder to match the new bike (ok, she's 4 months old, but she's still my new bike ok), multi tool, puncture repair kit, big bottle of Muc-off bike cleaner and a big can of GT85, and a new pair of wellies for down the allotment. And the sad thing is, I'm chuffed with all of it, how times change when we get older!! In fact, I can't wait to use them all - except the punture kit of course, hopefully that will never be used........fat chance.

Plus a few cash gifts too, so will be off to Red Kite tomorrow if they are open, a pair of panniers with my name on them (not literally) just waiting to be fitted. Then I can retire the rucksack, I can't fit that much in it and it doesn't half give me a spotty back. Happy days :)

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