Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Time to start blogging again.

Well what can I say, these past few weeks have been a mixture of frustration, disappointment, desperation and finally some joy.

For reasons I can't go into (I've already been reminded my previous contract included a confidentiality clause, how very 007) I found myself looking for a new job. So after 8 weeks of indecision and upheaval I was available for hire. Fortunately, fate was on my side this time, and after 2 days looking at various online recruitment sites, and updating of CV's etc, a great opportunity fell in my lap, I was interviewd on day 3 (Wednesday), offered the job the same afternoon and started the following Monday. That was almost 3 weeks ago now, and I'm really enjoying it. The commute on the bike is slightly longer, but I rarely took the direct route to the old place anyway, the people seem really nice - friendly, down to earth and enjoy a laugh.

One upshot is that I will need to reassess my charity ride - the route has definitely got to change, I can't see the point of visiting places where I used to work, and the date will have to change too - late April is unrealistic given I've only been riding regularly again for 3 weeks. No definite decisions yet though.

And that is it for now. Need to keep something back for tomorrows blog don't I?


  1. Glad the bad times have been turned around. Good to see the pedalling is still there too!

  2. Thanks mate - you know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!