Monday, 5 April 2010

LOST - one willpower, if found please return to me asap.

Well this Easter has not been good in terms of eating healthily, I'm going to have to work incredibly hard not to put on a fair few pounds. Easter eggs, chocolate cake with fresh cream, hot cross buns, plus 4 days off the bike, I can see 8 weeks progress being undone in less than a week. Apart from the last 2 weeks I have been steadily losing between 1 and 3 pounds most weeks. There have been a couple of big events recently whereby I have eaten and drank more than usual, a 21st Birthday, a 50th Birthday, plus a tribute night for Dad on what would have been his and Moms 50th Wedding Anniversary, so the last 2 weeks have seen a tiny weight gain, but I was prepared for a little blip, what has surprised/disappointed me is the fact that I have been unable to resist the chocolate the past few days, not helped by being given 4 or 5 eggs this year, but I could have always just given them to the kids, I didn't have to eat them myself did I? Well, I've only eaten 2, so I could always give the others away can't I........or can I?

Watch this space!

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