Sunday, 7 February 2010

Todays weigh in.

Pleasing result this morning, 2 milestones reached. I now weigh 13 stone 13.2lbs, so 3 lost this week. That means I've broke the 14 stone barrier, and now lost my first half a stone. I wasn't feeling overly confident to be honest because despite my big ride I'd eaten a fair bit of party food this week. We had the in-laws over Wednesday (the day of his birthday), then there was the party yesterday with his school friends (which I survived by the way, and everyone seemed to have lots of fun), and today my folks are coming over so it's party number 3.

The body doesn't feel too bad after Fridays exertion's, knee hurts a bit, back still sore, but it was sore before so that's not because of the riding. Apart from that, no complaints.

Time to go and make myself decent, everyone should be here in 5 minutes. Fingers crossed the house is still standing when they've gone!!


  1. Hope the house is ok mate? ;-)

    Well done on the weight!

  2. okay, I finally broke down and looked up the definition of "stone". 14 pounds. Now I have a grasp. Nice job! Party time and all!