Saturday, 3 October 2009

Finally, some proper training done.

Only 4 commutes this week as I booked holiday for Friday & Monday, but 5 of the 8 journeys were 10 miles, and the rest were 4 miles, so over 60 miles isn't too bad. Then Friday I headed out to Hatton, which is just outside of Warwick. Once there I headed to Hockley Heath, then I picked up the Stratford Road which eventually bought me home. It was pretty tough at times, but it is a great route and one I will definitely be doing again. I saw quite a few fellow cyclists although most of them overtaking me!! A fair bit of uphill work too, not quite King of the Mountain stuff to be honest, but some long steady climbs, and being on unfamiliar country roads, I often reached what I thought was the top, only for the road to bend and another climb reveal itself.

I loved cycling through the coutryside though, it meant I could sing along with the songs on my mp3 player safe in the knowledge that, apart from the sheep, no-one could hear me. Having said that, my singing is so bad there may be a few traumatised sheep out there somewhere.

Mileage for the trip is in the region of 30 miles, I know it's just over 15 miles from home to Hatton, so it could be more but what's more important is that I have finally made a start on building up towards some serious miles, and that is the longest bike ride I have ever done in my life. My legs are feeling it today, and so are my wrists, and it didn't really do my Tennis Elbow much good either. Apart from that, and a saddle sore bum, I feel good!!

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